7 Best Attic Stair Insulation Cover in 2022

Some of the best ways to lower your utility bills and save energy are by insulating your attics. By installing the best attic stair insulating cover will play a major role in this.

Best Attic Stair Insulation Cover

If you are having a challenge with large utility bills and the cost of energy, you can solve this problem by fitting some of the best attic stair insulation covers.

Home energy and utility bills take up about 50% of our home energy by insulation your attic, you are able to save a lot.

By choosing the right attic cover, you are not only protecting yourself from extreme temperatures but protects you from dirt and dust.

In this article, I have prepared a summarized guide for getting the best insulating cover.

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Reviews: 7 Best Attic Stair Insulation Cover in 2022

1. Energy Wise Attic Door Insulation Cover

This is an air-tight insulation cover and among the best in the market. It has a very simple installation technique and you can do it with bare hands and at some point, you need a staple gun.

Best Attic Stair Insulation Cover Check Price on Amazon

It is also fast to install and you can take 15-30 mins to have it fixed. In addition, you can also use foil tape to fit it.

What I like about this cover is that though it’s air-tight and does not limit access to the attic.

Moreover, it serves a purpose both in the cold season and the hot season in regulating the temperatures.

It is designed with a superior material with an R-value of 15.5 which reflects 97% of the radiant energy.

It is designed to fit a standard attic opening of 25X54X11 inches.

  • Good heat regulator
  • Easy and fast to install
  • Easy to access the attic
  • It is air-tight
  • High quality


  • The dimensions do not fit into all attics

2. Attic Stairs Insulation Cover

If you have an attic with dimensions as 25X54X11, this is the best insulation cover for you.

Attic Stairs Insulation Cover Check Price on Amazon

It is thicker than other covers. In addition to its premium quality material used, it perfectly regulates the temperatures in your house during winters and summers.

You can get full coverage of the attic entrance without obstructing the entry. The upgraded zipper helps with easier access and exit out of the stair attic.

The high-quality material which is also fire-proof gives an assurance of a good value for money. In between the second layer is an air bubble that aid in heat regulation.

You are guaranteed a lifetime warranty with excellent customer service for 100% satisfaction.

  • Easy to install
  • Made in the USA
  • Reflects 97% of heat
  • Durable
  • It is fireproof
  • Friendly price


  • The quality of the zipper needs to be worked on

3. Duck Brand Attic Stairway Cover-Black

Duck brand attic cover gives you exactly what you bargain for. It is the cover that will help you save energy and lower your utility bills.

Duck Brand Attic Stairway Cover-Black Check Price on Amazon

You will need this cover either during winter or the summers to regulate the temperatures. It gives you the best option to control drafts and regulate the room temperature.

It is designed to cover a stair attic with dimensions of 25.5 x 54 inches. In addition, it is designed with a zipper that allows you to easily enter and also exit the attic through the stairway. Besides, it’s repositionable

If you are DIYer or a professional, installation is very easy and within minutes you have it done.

It is very lightweight and also very flexible for easier installation and fitting into your attic.

It is also very compatible with other duck brands during installation for easier blending and comfort.

  • Easy to fix
  • It is flexible
  • Saves you cost
  • It’s lightweight
  • Repositionable


  • None found

4. Panady Attic Stairs Insulation Cover

This is yet another great cover that can save you energy and utility bills. Designed with a double bubble reflective radiant barrier, it has the ability to reflect up to 97% of the radiant energy.

Panady Attic Stairs Insulation Cover Check Price on Amazon

This makes it efficient and reliable to use during the summer to reflect heat and during the winter to keep the room warmer.

Unlike other covers, it is much easier to set up this cover in minutes. It is also lightweight and very portable and with a simple installation even for DIYers.

It is made with durable zippers that make it easy to access the attic and the doorway with much ease.

It is made with radiant and fireproof material that blocks heat transfer. It is designed with an R-Value of 15.3 which gives a good value for your money.

  • Fire-proof
  • Durable for one year
  • Easy to set up
  • Made in the USA
  • Fair price
  • Lightweight
  • Reflects 97% of radiant energy


  • Does not fit into all attic opening

5. Premium Energy Saving Insulation Cover

Getting this attic cover cannot compare to having any other kind. This is because of the high-quality aluminum material used that gives a long-term insulation cover.

Premium Energy Saving Insulation Cover Check Price on Amazon

This cover works well in heat regulation either during the summer or the winters. In summer, it reflects the radiant heat keeping your home cool while in winter it keeps your house warmer. This allows you to save more energy and also lower your bills.

This cover is designed to fit in a doorway with dimensions of 25 x 54 inches. Apart from fitting, it is easy and quick to install taking just a few minutes, and you are done.

Apart from insulation, you can also use this cover in preventing entry of other dirt and other pollutants in your house.

Most importantly, this cover allows easy access into the attic through the fitted zipper.

From its quality material, it is evident that this cover is durable and gives you back the value for money.

  • Premium quality
  • Quick and easy installation
  • With an easy access
  • Value for money
  • Durable
  • saves you energy


  • The opening is not standard

6. Owens Corning Attic Stairway Insulator

If it’s your first time getting an attic insulation cover, Owens corning will be very ideal for you. I recommend this because you don’t need any prior installation skills to assemble it.

Best Attic Stair Insulation Cover Check Price on Amazon

It is designed to uncover and fit into where it should be.

Another thing, you will be proud of with this cover is that it will drastically help reduce your energy bills and save costs. It will perfectly cover your doorway attic and help regulate the temperatures within.

If it’s during the winter, it will keep your house warm and cool it during the hot summer.

It is also designed with standard dimensions 25-1/2 x 54 that fit into nearly all attic doorway openings.

Much as it is easy to install, if you have trouble fitting it, duct tape or insulating tape will be of great importance during the installation.

If you love USA products, you will also like this cover. On the contrary, it is also is certified by the GREENGUARD GOLD.

You can stay hopeful that you are protected all year from extreme temperatures and also from dirt and dust entering through the attics.

It has a rating of R-10 and on top of that, it is well flexible to suit your purpose.

  • It is durable
  • Made in the USA
  • Meets the GREENGUARD GOLD standards
  • Very flexible
  • Easy to fit
  • Saves you energy


  • You need duct tape for the edges


7. Radiant Barrier – RadiantGUARD XTREME Barrier

If you want a commercial-grade cover, this is your choice. It is big enough with a 1000 square ft. to cover a big space even for industrial purposes.

Radiant Barrier - RadiantGUARD XTREME Barrier Check Price on Amazon

Its reflective and insulation features help you save a lot of energy and have the capacity to reflect 95% of all the radiant energy in your house. It is double-sided to improve its quality and functionality.

Getting a cover that is breathable means it will not trap any moisture and keeps your room well ventilated.

It is easy to fit into your attic and doorways. It is also very easy to cut through for easy fitting into the attic.

It has simple maintenance because it is not affected by humidity and will inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi

Lastly, this cover is fireproof and has a Class A rating, and makes a perfect match for commercial buildings.

  • Premium quality
  • Good coverage
  • For commercial and industrial purposes
  • Easy maintenance
  • Fireproof
  • It is breathable


  • It’s hard to access the attic doorway


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The summary above is nothing short of the best attic stair insulation covers. Whether you prefer it for home use or for commercial purposes, you can get them in all sizes.

Its purpose is to bring to an end the high utility bills and also save on energy. Most of the insulating covers have reflective features for good energy regulation.

That said and done, you can choose from among the list for your preferred cover. You can randomly select the list or pick the number one listed cover.

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