7 Best Extension Ladders 2022 Reviewed

A good extension ladder must be adjustable in length and strong enough to be mounted on the wall or structure to serve the intent of the user. Best Extension Ladders

Most extension ladders are made of fiberglass making them stronger and less prone to twisting and breakages. These ladders consist of two or more sections that interlock to give the desired elevation point.

So, choose an extension ladder that perfectly suits your needs based on the height to be achieved, the type of work to be performed, and durability. Below is a selection of the best extension ladders based on quality and needs.

Reviews: 7 Best Extension Ladders 2022

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1. Louisville Extension Fiberglass Ladder 24 ft.-Type 1A

Louisville is an excellent extension ladder – it is lightweight, well-built, solid, and stable. It consists of a pulley and a rope making extension easy work which also ties the ladder when extended.

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The ladder is built with locking clamps to provide necessary security in locking the ladder after extension.

Louisville ladders has a height of 12ft and an extended height of 21 ft. It is designed with shoes with heavy rubber treads and bigger bottom making it safe and easy to use.

Louisville ladder has a load capacity of 300 pounds and a product weight of 51 pounds. Its total weight increases its stability when working. Its rail is designed with a non-conductive element to provide longer life and protect the landing surface.

It is designed with D-shaped rungs that give comfort and stability while working. It also includes two heavy-duty slide guides both at the top of the fly section and at the base section to prevent overextending the ladder

  • Meets the ANSI safety standard compliance
  • Engineered with non-conductive fiberglass
  • Maximum height of 21ft.
  • Maximum weight of 300 pounds
  • Stable and secure
  • Durable


  • Heavy to carry

2. Werner Extension Ladders D1116-2

Werner extension ladder is designed with non-corrosive aluminum for light duties such as changing light bulbs, painting, and cleaning gutters among others. It is lightweight and easy to operate with.

Werner Extension Ladders D1116-2 Check Price on Amazon

Its slip-resistant grip and D-shaped rungs give stability and comfort when working. The rungs are designed to connect with rails and provide a twist-proof mechanism. Werner is also fitted with spring locks that enable the smooth extension.

It has a carrying weight capacity of 200 pounds sturdy and strongly built.

  • Engineered with non-corrosive aluminum
  • Maximum carrying weight of 200 pounds
  • D-shaped rungs
  • Height of 16 ft.
  • Durable


  • Maximum load capacity 200 pounds

3. Little Giant Ladders fiberglass 28ft type 1A

Little Giant 28 ft. is designed with non-conductive and lightweight fiberglass and lighter than most extensional ladders.

Little Giant Ladders fiberglass 28ft type 1A Check Price on Amazon

The ladder comes fitted with a double rope pulley system for smooth, slow extension and increases on its precision.

The ladder hyper lite sumostance gives a front-to-back and side-to-side angle indicator for the smooth ladder set up. The legs are wide and adjustable to increase stability and the rails are safe to use around electricity and visible according to the color spectrum of the human eye.

It support a maximum weight of 300 pounds with stability and weighs 63.9 pounds

Meets ANSI type AI safety standard certification.

  • 28 ft. maximum height
  • 300 pounds weight capacity
  • Non-conductive fiberglass
  • Dual- pulley system
  • ANSI type A1 safety standard compliant.


  • None found.

4. Louisville Fiberglass Extension Ladder Type IA FE3216

Louisville 16 ft. extension ladder is an excellent, solid well-built, and stable extension ladder built with an elegant design. It is suitable for working on light construction, residential and electrical jobs.

Louisville Fiberglass Extension Ladder Type IA FE3216 Check Price on Amazon

The ladder is lightweight and easy to carry. It is designed with a rope and pulley system making it is easy to extend to the maximum height and stable on its feet.

Louisville has a 300 pounds load capacity and a product weight of 31 pounds is designed with D-shape rungs that are fully ragged with a non-slip surface.

It is also fitted with locking clasps at the top to prevent overextension and two extra-durable slide guides at the base section to protect the landing surface.

The rubber steps and tough plated steel shoe makes this ladder safer and easy to use.

  • Non-conductive fiberglass
  • 13 ft. maximum height
  • load capacity of 300 pounds
  • D-shaped rungs
  • Durable


  • None

5. Little Giant Extension Ladder -1AA SumoStance 28Ft

Little Giant SumoStance extension ladder 1AA is designed with rock-solid fiberglass to offer stability. It is mostly preferred for roof construction, painting, cleaning, and general maintenance due to height.

Little Giant Extension Ladder -1AA SumoStance 28Ft Check Price on Amazon

It is built in lightwave rail technology that reduces its weight as compared to other extension ladders. The ladder built-in levelers keep the ladder at level giving it a proper working angle. Retractable beams fold closely for easy storage.

Little giant extends to a height of 28ft and supports a maximum weight of 375 pounds

Little SumoStance is ANSI Approved and meets the OSHA safety standards.

  • Designed in lightwave rail technology
  • Maximum weight capacity 375 pounds
  • Maximum height 28 ft.
  • ANSI & OSHA approved
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable and easy to store


  • Expensive

6. DeWalt Fiberglass Extension Ladder DXL3020-16PT

DeWalt 16 PT extension ladder is designed with long-lasting fiberglass and has a load capacity of 300 pounds.

DeWalt Fiberglass Extension Ladder DXL3020-16PT Check Price on Amazon

The ladder has a unique wrap feature that provides a working surface while climbing the ladder and gives more stability.

The top is engineered with advanced features to improve the operator’s performance when working on heavyweight construction, electrical, residential, and utility jobs.

The rubber side provides wider contact, prevents rubbing, and supports the ladder against the rough surface, wall, or pole. The rungs are also fitted with end caps to eliminate noise while transporting the ladder.

DeWalt has a load capacity of 300 pounds and the item weight is 30.9 pounds.

  • 3 years limited warranty
  • 16 feet maximum height
  • Smooth and elegant finish design
  • Non-conductive fiberglass
  • 300 pounds load capacity


  • None found

7. Werner Extension-ladders D1532-2, 32-Foot

Warner 32ft is a very sturdy ladder with worthy workmanship and very durable. It is designed with rust-proof aluminum for quality performance and durability.

Werner Extension-ladders D1532-2, 32-Foot Check Price on Amazon

The rungs are connected to the rail joints to make the ladder twist-proof for safety use and performance.

Werner is designed with a rope and pulley for a smooth extension on heights of 20 ft. and above. The rope is firmly held with a fast clip that prevents loose end knots and twists.

The ladder has a 67 pounds item weight and a 300 pounds load capacity. It is categorized as type 1A as extra heavy-duty industrial ladder and meets the OSHA safety standards

The maximum Height 32ft and is mostly preferred by commercial contractors, painters, and home users with storied buildings.

  • 32 ft maximum height.
  • 300 pounds load capacity
  • Built-in non-corrosive Aluminum material
  • Designed with a rope and pulley system.
  • Twist proof


  • None found

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When choosing a ladder, there are critical factors that should be addressed. Key among them is the type of work to be performed and the height to be achieved. The ladder material and the durability are also important to consider to get a long-lasting ladder. The following are the recommendations derived from the above outline of ladders:

  • Stability and durability, Louisville Extension Fiberglass Ladder 24 ft.-Type 1A will be a great choice. Manufactured with fiberglass it is heavy and more stable while working. It serves both medium and high heights.
  • Comfort and performance, DeWalt Fiberglass Extension Ladder DXL3020-16PT serves you best. It designed with a wrap feature that enables the user to work while still climbing. Though this ladder only achieves a maximum height of 16ft., its performance is excellent
  • Height and convenience Werner Extension-ladders D1532-2, 32-Foot is an excellent choice. This ladder is twist-proof even at great heights giving stability and safety. Its workmanship gives you great performance and reliability for a longer period.

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