7 Best Ladder for Electrical Work in 2022

Working on electrical installations is a risky job.Best Ladder for Electrical Work As an electrician, you need the best ladder for electrical work to minimize some job hazards like electrocution among others in the line of duty.

On the contrary, your stability is equally paramount for you to deliver on your task and therefore your selection is very important.

In addition, some features like tool tops and others give your ladder an added advantage. Regardless, the best ladder is based on your preference and your personal choices too.

In this article, I have listed multiple ladders that you can use for electrical jobs. In case you don’t have a preferred ladder, you can go through the list to help you make an informed choice.

Reviews: 7 Best Ladder for Electrical Work in 2022

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1. Louisville Fiberglass Ladder-(FS1523), 12 Ft.

If you are a professional electrician or a DIYer here is a good ladder for you. Designed to be adjustable and non-conductive, this ladder is a perfect match to work on both indoor and our door electrical jobs.

Best Ladder for Electrical Work Check Price on Amazon

Apart from being sleek, it is strong and stable and able to hold a combined load and weight of 300 pounds. This comes even after its certification and approval by OSHA & ANSI.

Whether you wish to undertake a low or medium-height job, this ladder will be the most ideal to pick for such jobs. You can adjust it to 12 ft. but there are other available options of 4, 6, and 8 ft.

Its top is designed with a top tool tray where you can play your working tools as you work. The feet are also designed to be slip-resistant and not marring. On the contrary, the ladder is equally protected by the spreader braces in case you are transporting it.

  • Strong and durable
  • Comes with a top tool tray
  • Non-conductive
  • 300 pounds maximum weight support
  • Meets ANSI & OSHA safety standards


  • None found

2. Little Giant Adjustable Ladder-(15131-001)

If you want to get a multi-purpose ladder that can work on your electrical jobs that can work even on staircases, this is the best ladder.

Little Giant Adjustable Ladder-(15131-001) Check Price on Amazon

What is fascinating about this ladder is that you can adjust each side of the ladder separately and giving it the advantage of working even on uneven grounds.

The fiberglass material used on this ladder makes it non-conductive and this means you can use it to work on electrical jobs among others. Its grip handle and the rock locks make it easy for you to climb the ladder and feel more stable when working.

The steps extra-wide give you a stable toe-toe footing allowing you to work comfortably without experiencing foot fatigue.

As a matter of safety, the top rung has been removed to reduce the chance of climbing to that point which could prove hazardous.

This ladder can hold a combined load and weight of 375 pounds and has an ANSI rating of type 1AA ladder.

  • Stable and comfortable
  • Multi-purpose
  • Max weight of 375 pounds
  • Designed with tool tray


  • It is heavy

3. Werner (T7416) Twin Ladder, 16 Ft.

If your interest is acquiring a professional-grade ladder, this is the best to take home. As a twin-step ladder, it has the capacity to hold two people on both sides of the ladder with each side holding a maximum of 300 pounds. This will greatly help you to finish your project faster than when using a single-step ladder.

Werner (T7416) Twin Ladder, 16 Ft. Check Price on Amazon

Among the best features in this ladder is the heavy-duty fiberglass that makes this ladder extra strong and more durable. Furthermore, this fiberglass is also non-conductive making this ladder appropriate for use on electrical jobs among others.

Its steps are wide and slip-resistant which means you have a stable footing and gives you a comfortable working environment. The steps are also designed knee bracing help to minimize the chance of damages while the side plates keep the ladder stand when you are working.

You can extend the ladder to a height of 16 ft. but also come in other sizes of 8 ft., 10 ft., and 12 ft.

  • Maximum load of 300 pounds on both sides
  • Strong and durable
  • Non-conductive
  • Sturdy


  • None found

4. Louisville (L-3022-28PT) Extension Ladder-Pro Top

If you are a professional looking for a stable extension ladder for your electrical and other kinds of jobs, I recommend you take this.

Louisville (L-3022-28PT) Extension Ladder-Pro Top Check Price on Amazon

This 28 ft. ladder is made of very strong fiberglass that is non-conductive and also very durable. To enhance its stability, it is also fitted with safety shoes that are steel-plated. You can use this ladder to hold a weight of 300 pounds. It meets the ANSI safety standards and has a rating of type 1A ladder.

Additionally, it has an integrated v-shaped tool tray that keeps the ladder stable especially when you are working on poles, structured corners. Its step is made in a D-shape design and this gives you a stable footing when working.

Lastly, this ladder works with a rope and pulley system which keeps the ladder stable by avoiding involuntary retraction and extension.

  • Sturdy
  • 300 maximum load capacity
  • 28 ft. maximum height achievable
  • Uses pulley system
  • Meets ANSI& OSHA safety standards
  • Durable


  • It is heavy

5. Louisville (FXS1510) Step/Shelf Ladder-10 Ft.

This ladder combines two-in-one features to form either a step ladder or a shelf ladder. This is intended to create a closer bonding with your working station. It is also made with an amazingly smooth finish giving it a sleek look.

Louisville (FXS1510) Step/Shelf Ladder-10 Ft. Check Price on Amazon

Additionally, it comes with a V-shaped pro top that enables it to support itself against posts and buildings, especially at the corners.   Other features in the ladder include a hardware tray, a magnet tray, tool slots, and a drill.

Being designed with fiberglass material, this makes the ladder to be non-conductive and also durable. This is to means you can use this ladder on electrical jobs among other household duties.

It’s fitted with a shox-system to make it more durable as well as provide extra resistance from any external forces and any kind of mismanagement.

On the other hand, it has the capacity to hold 300 pounds giving it a rating of type 1A ladder. Lastly, this ladder is designed to reach a height of 10 ft.

  • 300 pounds maximum weight
  • Versatile
  • 10 ft. maximum height
  • Durable
  • Sturdy


  • It’s wobbly

6. Werner (OBEL06) Old Blue Electricians Ladder, 6 Ft.

As a homeowner or a professional, get the best is should not be an excuse when you have this amazing ladder. Specially designed for electrical jobs this ladder has got what it takes to perform its functions.

Werner (OBEL06) Old Blue Electricians Ladder, 6 Ft. Check Price on Amazon

Its edge bracing design plays a vital role in minimizing rail damage as well as the shoe pads fitted on the edges.

Additionally, you can use top spool holders for small and large spools making it very convenient when you are carrying out your job as an electrician.

The workstation is uniquely designed at the top to hold multiple electricians’ tools making it the best for a professional electrician. Also, other features include actuation hooks, a hacksaw hook, and a lasso bungee system.

It can hold a maximum weight of 375 pounds and comes in different height positions that include 12 ft., 10 ft., 6 ft., and 8 ft.

  • Strong and durable
  • Customized for electrician
  • Non-conductive
  • 375 pounds max-height
  • Rustproof


  • None found

7. Little Giant Fiberglass Ladder (15284-001)-Airwing

If you are looking forward to a stable and equally lightweight ladder, this is what you need. Rated by ANSI as a type 1AA ladder it has the capacity to hold 375 pounds for both weight and load.

Little Giant Fiberglass Ladder (15284-001)-Airwing Check Price on Amazon


Since it is designed with fiberglass, it is non-conductive and also very durable to serve you for a long. Its lightweight makes it easily portable and a good ladder for professional use.

The step is designed with non-slip treads and the standing platform makes using this ladder comfortable. Additionally, the ladder has a sleek design and is also easy to use.

This ladder is fit for electrical fitting and can help you reach a height of 4ft. and 5 ft. As known as an airwing ladder, it is known for its safety.

  • It is lightweight
  • It is durable
  • Has a 375 pounds max. Weight capacity
  • Height of 4ft and 5 ft.
  • Non-conductive
  • ANSI certified


  • Short for high ceiling jobs


When enough has been said about the best ladder for electrical work, the only thing that stands in your way is your choice. However, if that has proven tough I can recommend you get yourself Louisville Fiberglass Ladder-(FS1523), 12 Ft Unlike others, this ladder has high ratings and commendable reviews.

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