7 Best Ladder for Painting 2 Story House 2022

Painting tall buildings especially 2 story buildings is very risky and tricky. Best Ladder for Painting 2 Story House You need the best ladders for painting 2 story building to effectively paint the house and minimize any chances of accidents.

To reach a 2 story building you need a ladder of not less than 18 ft. this is to help you access every part of the building with minimum effort while still maintaining stability.

Considering other features in the ladder is also important to guarantee you long service life and durability.

In this article, I have analyzed these ladders and listed them to assist you to make an informed buying guide.

Reviews: 7 Best Ladder for Painting 2 Story House in  2022

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1. Little Giant PRO Series Multi-Use Ladder, 26 Ft

Little giant is known for quality ladders and the BP Pro series cannot be left behind in this. It is designed with airplane-grade aluminum alloy making it durable. You can convert it into an A-Frame ladder, extension ladder, 90 degrees ladder, staircase ladder, 4 level trestle and scaffolding ladder with a possibility of 43 more configurations.

Best Ladder for Painting 2 Story House Check Price on Amazon

The high-quality rung guards keep you sturdy as you go on with your house painting. The triple lock hinges are critical in holding the ladder together for your safety.

You can achieve a maximum height of 11 ft. while as an extension ladder you can reach a height of 23 ft. and you can use to hold a weight of 300 pounds. It has been approved by ANSI & SOSHA safety regulatory body.

This ladder is also fitted with mobility wheels to move it around and also keep the ladder stable on unlevelled grounds and staircases.

  • Multi-purpose
  • load of 300 pounds
  • Extendable to a 26 ft. height
  • Durable
  • 43 conversions
  • Lifetime warrant


  • None found

2. Louisville Step Ladder, 32 Ft (Orange)

This stepladder is highly designed with heavy-duty fiberglass that makes this ladder very consistent and durable. It is also designed with a sleek design and an excellent finish.

Louisville Step Ladder, 32 Ft (Orange) Check Price on Amazon

You will experience unmatched stability as you go up the D-shaped rungs and you can stand on comfortably and perform your tasks with minimum feet fatigue. Its stability is also enhanced by the steel swivel safety shoe that keeps the ladder from slipping when extended to perform tasks. It also makes it possible for the ladder to have stable footing on uneven ground.

The ladder is non-conductive in nature which allows you to use the ladder even for electrical jobs, painting among others. It slides stops and guides control the ladder from retracting and extending uncontrollably and involuntary.

Another feature is the marred and rail end caps that protect the ladders’ landing surface.

You can stretch this ladder to a maximum height of 32ft. and can also hold a weight of 300 pounds.

  • Extendable height of 32 ft.
  • Maximum load of 300 pounds
  • Stable
  • Comfortable rungs
  • Durable


  • It is heavy

3. Werner Extension Ladder, 32-Ft

Warner ladders has been the lead manufacturer of quality ladders, as an extension ladder it is designed with aluminum that makes it durable.

Werner Extension Ladder, 32-Ft Check Price on Amazon

Its interlocking side rails are very much important when keeping you stable when working on your projects. The D-Shaped rungs keep you stable and minimize the chances of feet fatigue. These rungs are also designed to be slip-resistant which is very helpful especially when you are working.

The pulleys are very helpful especially when you are extending and retracting the ladder. They minimize involuntary retraction. The ladder is a twist-resistant system that makes the ladder stable even at greater heights.

The rails are designed with I-beam architecture that keeps the aluminum material strong. On the contrary, this ladder can hold a maximum weight of 300 pounds. When stretched, it can extend up to 32 ft. making it possible to reach the highest point of your two-story house.

  • It is durable
  • 32 ft. highest point
  • Uses pulley system
  • It is sturdy
  • Has twist resistant system
  • Has max weight of 300 pounds
  • Lightweight


  • Suitable for light duties

4. Little Giant Revolution Ladder-LT, 26 Ft

This multi-purpose ladder has different conversations to serve different jobs.  You can convert it into an extension ladder, staircase ladder, scaffolding ladder, 90 degrees, and an A-Frame ladder.

Little Giant Revolution Ladder-LT, 26 Ft Check Price on Amazon

The wide flared legs and dual pin hinges keep you safe even as you carry out your project. To promote its safety, the ladder retracts softly with just a click of a button.  You can easily adjust it to multiple positions depending on your undertaking.

This ladder has been manufactured with high-grade aluminum which makes it durable and lightweight. The ladder is 15% lighter than a similar ladder making it much easier to carry the ladder from one point to another. It is also greatly enhanced by the wheels that make mobility easy.

You can use this ladder to reach a height of 26 ft. as an extension ladder and it can hold a weight of 300 pounds. It has met all the ANSI and OSHA safety standards and rated as a type 2 ladder.

  • Lightweight
  • 300 pounds max weight
  • 26 ft. max height
  • It is durable
  • It is sturdy


  • None found

5. HLL Telescoping Step Ladder, 26ft

In the search of a good ladder for painting your 2 story building, this telescopic ladder will serve you better. It is a perfect ladder to carry out both outdoor and indoor jobs.

HLL Telescoping Step Ladder, 26ft Check Price on Amazon

To make it safer, the ladder comes with safety locks that lock each step and make you feel a safe experience. The auxiliary mobile wheels are very helpful both to keep to safety when working on unstable ground and when transporting it from one point to another.

When you are done with the ladder, you can compactly fold it to fit even into a small storage space. It also has an easy application.

The steps are widened to make you feel safe as you climb up the ladder and also when working.

It is made with aluminum alloy that makes it durable and gives you a longer service life.

The ladder can hold a weight of 330 pounds and it is extended to a maximum height of 26ft.

  • Maximum height of 26 ft.
  • Maximum weight of 330 pounds
  • Comfortable and stable
  • Durable


  • New in the market

6. Little Giant SumoStance Extension Ladder, 28 Ft (18828)

Working on a two-story building is risky and dangerous. SumoStance ladder is designed to minimize such risks and offer you the utmost stability even at the highest point of the building.

Little Giant SumoStance Extension Ladder, 28 Ft (18828) Check Price on Amazon

This adjustable ladder is engineered with double-pulley to enhance your safety as you use the ladder.

The legs are wide and flared and rungs are also wide and this is very helpful to minimize leg fatigue and improve on your stability as you work.

The lightweight design of this ladder makes it easy for you to carry it around from one working station to another or even when you want to store it.

You can extend the ladder to a maximum height of 28 ft. to reach your desired height. The Hi-Viz green color makes it visible minimizing the possibility of a drive into or walk into collision.

The ladder has a type 1A rating and can hold weight of 300 pounds. It is approved by ANSI & OSHA after meeting all safety test and standards.

  • It is lightweight
  • Double-pulley system
  • Patented Hi-Viz green color
  • Maximum load of 300 pounds
  • Max height of 28 ft.


  • None found

7. Little Giant SkyScraper Stepladder, 21 Ft (10121)

The skyscraper step ladder is uniquely built to reach those high heights. You can adjust this ladder at your convenience to work even on stairs, uneven and sloppy ground.

Little Giant SkyScraper Stepladder, 21 Ft (10121) Check Price on Amazon

It is equipped with lock tab adjusters that allow you to convert the ladder into different positions convenient for working. You can also use the ladder to work in places surrounded by obstacles.

As a step ladder, it can hold a weight of 300 pounds on both sides of the ladder. It has met all the OSHA & ANSI safety standards and is classified as a type 1A ladder.

It is designed with aluminum and this makes it lightweight especially when you have to move it from one working position to another.

The maximum height this ladder can reach is 21 ft. and therefore you can use it to do painting on that 2 story building. The trends are ribbed to give you more stability when climbing the ladder.

  • It is lightweight
  • It’s durable
  • Hold a weight of 300 pounds
  • Maximum height of 21 ft.
  • Multi-purpose


  • Hard to maneuver

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The summary above tells you it is possible to get that best ladder for painting 2 story building. From the list, you can pick any ladder of your convenience. However, my top recommendation for you would be Little Giant Revolution Ladder-LT, 26 Ft

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