7 Best Ladder for Painting High Walls In 2022

Painting high walls are both risky and dangerous. In this article, you will get to learn about the best ladder for painting high walls for your projects. This will enable you to conveniently finish your project without much trouble.

Best Ladder for Painting High Walls

Before you get to pick your choice ladder, there are many factors that you need to check into. These factors include height, stability durability among others

Below are some reviewed ladders that you may want to check for consideration.

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Review: 7 Best Ladder for Painting High Walls In 2022

1. Little Giant Multi-Position Ladder-M22

If you are a professional or a DIYer, this is one of the best ladders for painting high walls. You can configure it into 5 different configurations. An A-frame, an extension, a trestle and plank, a staircase, and a 90 degrees ladder.

Best Ladder for Painting High Walls Check Price on Amazon

It is very easy to adjust into different configurations with the help of the rock lock adjusters.

When you need to transport it, the tip and glide wheels will be very helpful in that case.

The ladder reaches a maximum height of 22 ft. which will be good enough to help you reach the high walls with ease.

As a type IA ladder, it can hold a maximum weight of 300 pounds on both sides and meets all the ANSI and OSHA safety standards.

Similarly, it is also constructed with high-grade aluminum that makes it 20 percent lightweight than a similar ladder and easy to carry too.

  • 20 % lighter than counterparts
  • Versatile
  • 22 ft. high
  • Easy to use
  • Safe and sturdy
  • Holds weight of 300 pounds on both sides
  • Meets ANSI and OSHA standards


  • Poor customer service

2. Werner D1532-2 Extension Ladder-32 Ft

If you prefer working with an extension ladder when painting high walls, the Werner ladder is such an excellent choice.

Werner D1532-2 Extension Ladder-32 Ft Check Price on Amazon

What I like about this ladder is that it is designed with a twist-proof mechanism to enhance stability and safety too. The rugged spring locks enhance the smooth operation of this Werner ladder when working.

It is designed to use a rope and pulley extension system. The free-sliding glides also make it easy for you to extend the ladder with little effort.

Additionally, the quick clip holds the rope and plays a very important role to prevent tangles and quick endnotes.

It is engineered with aluminum and is very sturdy and D-shaped rungs with enhanced traction and also slip resistance.

Having met all the ANSI and OSHA safety standards of a type IA rating this ladder has the capacity to hold a weight of 300 pounds.

  • It is sturdy and strong
  • Extends a height of 32 ft.
  • Holds weight of 300 pounds
  • Comfortable to work
  • Easy to use


  • It’s heavy

3. Louisville Step Ladder (FE3232) 32 Ft., Orange

This 32 ft. ladder is suitable in case you are doing painting on the 2 and 3 story building.

Louisville Step Ladder (FE3232) 32 Ft., Orange Check Price on Amazon

It is constructed with fiberglass material which is non-conductive and you can easily work on walls with electrical fittings.

Its D-shaped rungs give you utmost comfort when you are work and reduce the chances of foot fatigue.

The feet are also designed with non-marring rail end caps that protect the surface against scratches.

As a heavy-duty ladder, it has the capacity to hold 300 pounds. This makes it quite reliable and stable when working from it.

The ladder includes a 2 strong slide guide that protects the ladder from overextending keeping the ladder safe and strong too.

Lastly, the ladder is fitted with steel shoes that are also rubberized to protect you from slipping.

  • It is non-conductive
  • It is very strong
  • A height of 32.ft.
  • Supports weight of 300 pounds
  • It’s stable and comfortable
  • It is durable


  • The ladder is heavy
  • Checked carefully when delivered

4. Little Giant Multi-Position Revolution Ladders-M26

Little giant ladders have earned their good name in the ladder industry. That is why I wish to recommend this revolution ladder for painting high walls.

Little Giant Multi-Position Revolution Ladders-M26 Check Price on Amazon

You can use it as an extension, 90 degrees, an A-Frame, a trestle, and plank, or a staircase ladder

You will definitely fall like the patented features in this ladder that include rock locks and quad-lock hinges for easy use and quick configuration.

It is constructed with aluminum that makes it lightweight and easy to operate too.

As a type IA ladder, it can hold a maximum weight of 300 pounds on each side when used two people step ladder.

The ladder has a height of 26 ft. and is very easy and fast to retract when you are done with the day’s job.

  • Easy to use
  • It is multi-position
  • It is lightweight
  • With patented features
  • Works well on the unlevelled ground
  • Holds weight of 300 pounds on both sides
  • Has a height of 26 ft.


  • Not easy for one-man operation

5. Louisville Fiberglass Ladder-28 ft. (FE3228)

If you need to complete a painting on the high walls faster, then you need this 28 foot Louisville ladder.

Louisville Fiberglass Ladder-28 ft. (FE3228) Check Price on Amazon

This ladder has a patented lock system-MAXLOCK that is both strong and tough to keep you sturdy when using the ladder.

It is made with fiberglass that is non-conductive and good for use on electrical jobs.

The rungs are D-shaped to minimize foot fatigue and ensure you are comfortable either as you climb or work from the ladder.

It can hold a weight of up to 300 pounds per given time.

In addition, the rope and pulley extension system will greatly help you extend the ladder to your desired height.

This ladder has mar-resistant rail end caps to protect against the surface

To prevent overextending, the ladder is designed with slide guides both at the base and a stop at the fly section.

  • It is strong and sturdy
  • The extension is by rope and pulley system
  • Comfortable working with
  • 300 pounds weight capacity
  • Has a 28 ft. maximum height
  • Non-conductive


  • Quality control checks needed

6. Little Giant Skyscraper Ladder-M21

This is the best ladder painting high walls, especially where there are obstacles involved. The sky scrapper as popularly known has the capacity to reach the skylights with a 21 ft. maximum height.

Little Giant Skyscraper Ladder-M21 Check Price on Amazon

It is made constructed with airplane-grade aluminum that makes it lightweight and also very portable.

With a type IA rating, the skyscraper has the capacity to hold a weight of 300 on both sides of the ladder when used for two people. The ladder is compliant with all the ANIS and OSHA safety standards.

It is easily adjustable so that you can reach those hard-to-reach areas and or work on obstacles like stadium seats among others.

The tip and glide wheels are very helpful when you need to transport this ladder from one job to another.

  • It is lightweight
  • Easy to work around obstacles
  • Holds 300 pounds on both sides
  • Reaches a height of 21 ft.
  • With tip and glide wheels
  • It is versatile


  • Difficult to use for a single person

7. Louisville Extension Ladder (AE2224)-24 Ft.

If you have a single-story building and your wall does not exceed 24 ft. this ladder is best to paint high walls.

Louisville Extension Ladder (AE2224)-24 Ft. Check Price on Amazon

Designed with a quick latch, the ladder provides a very stable mechanism for working on high heights.

The swivel safety shoes are rubberized to keep the ladder sturdy by providing an anti-slip mechanism.

As a type IA ladder, it can support a weight of 300 pounds and meets the CSA, ANSI, and OSHA safety standards.

The rungs are constructed with a D-shape design to make it easy and comfortable to stand on them as you work.

Additionally, this ladder is fitted with non-marring caps on the bottom and top fly sections to protect the rail and make the ladder more durable.  Its full-beam construction makes it more sturdy and strong too.

  • Holds weight of 300 pounds
  • It is durable
  • It’s sturdy and strong
  • Maximum height of 24 ft.
  • With quick latch
  • With a rope and pulley extension system


  • The hooks are plastic instead to being metallic

A Buyer’s Guide

1. The Ladder Height

When you are picking your ladder, you need to compare the size of the ladder as compared to the high wall you will be painting.

This will greatly help you not to go for a shorter ladder that may end up not helping you reach your target.

To be on the safer side, I recommend you get a ladder that is at least 3-5 ft. taller than that of your wall.

2. Stability

Working on high walls is very risky and you don’t want a ladder that will fall you before you are done with your painting project. Therefore choose a ladder that is sturdy and strong to serve your needs.

3. Durability

To get the value for your money, go for a durable ladder. Though this is determined by the material, you also have a part to play in maintaining the ladder. For instance, fiberglass is stronger and compared to aluminum.

4. Type of job

Always choose depending on the kind of projects you are undertaking. A fiberglass ladder is more fit where there is electrical fitting.

In this case, a painter’s ladder will be more convenient since some come with tool trays or platforms for convenience.


With the best ladder for painting high walls outlined, you can easily proceed to your project. I hope you have identified a good ladder for the job. If not, I would recommend you take Little Giant Multi-Position Revolution Ladders-M26  if you prefer a step ladder that you can also use on other projects.

As for a good extension ladder, I would recommend Werner D1532-2 Extension Ladder-32 Ft it has good reviews, features, and better ratings too.

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