7 Best Ladder for Painting Stairs In 2022

If you are having on the best ladder for painting stairs, I am here to guide you. Most ladder accidents are a result of using the wrong ladders in the job.

Best Ladder for Painting Stairs

Do not allow yourself to be part of the statistics. You have an opportunity to select the right ladder for the right job.

In this article, I have reviewed some ladders available in the market ad have prepared a special guide for you. These ladders are reviewed on basis of features, affordability, and also ratings.

Reviews: 7 Best Ladder for Painting Stairs In 2022

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1. Little Giant Velocity Ladders-M17, (15417-001)

Top on the list for the best ladders for painting stairs, little giant-M17 ranks the best.

Best Ladder for Painting Stairs Check Price on Amazon

You can use it as an extension ladder, staircase ladder, 90- degrees ladder, A-frame ladder, or a trestle and plank ladder.

As a stairs ladder, the 17 ft. height is good enough to give you good coverage when painting stairs.

Designed with high-grade aluminum, it makes this ladder 20 % lighter than similar ladders in this category. Apart from being lightweight, the ladder is also very durable, rust-proof, and non-corrosive.

Its legs are wide and flared to offer stable footing when you set on the unlevelled ground and provide unmatched stability.

It can hold a weight of 300 pounds on both sides when used as a two-person ladder.

You can also extend the ladder to a maximum height of 17 ft. it is fitted with levelers that play a great role during the adjustment process.

  • 20 % light
  • Max 600 pound when used as a two-person ladder
  • 17 ft. max-height
  • Sturdy
  • Versatile


  • Trestle brackets and work platform are sold separately

2. Vulcan Multi-Task Stepladder-17Ft

In your choice of the best ladder for painting stairs, consider this as one of the best options.

Vulcan Multi-Task Stepladder-17Ft Check Price on Amazon

What is unique about this ladder is that the hinges are patented with a no-pinch system that makes it easy and safe to use.

It is versatile and you can convert it into 4 configurations and 23 different positions. This includes a staircase ladder that is easier and comfortable to work with when painting the stairs.

The feet are non-marring and also rubberized to make the ladder slip-resistant and provide you with utmost safety. You can also adjust the leg by one foot so that you can properly work on the stairs.

On the contrary, it is engineered with airplane-grade aluminum that makes the ladder very light and also very portable.

Lastly, this ladder can support a weight of 300 pounds and meets the ANSI safety standards with a Type 1A ladder rating.

  • It’s lightweight
  • 23 different configurations
  • It is sturdy
  • 300 pounds weight capacity
  • ANSI certified
  • Extendable to 17 ft.


  • Quality controls checks needed

3. TOPRUNG Model-17 ft. Ladder

For the best ladder for painting stairs, this 5 in 1 Toprung ladder will be a good choice. The 5 configurations include a stairs ladder, an A-Frame ladder, an extension ladder, scaffolding frames, or a wall ladder.

TOPRUNG Model-17 ft. Ladder Check Price on Amazon

It is made with airplane-grade aluminum that makes it lightweight, durable, and also sturdy.

The good thing is that the ladder comes ready for use and fully assembled to save you time and the hustle of assembling.

It is designed with wide rungs that make it safe and easy to work from the ladder without fatigue. In addition, the feet are slip-resistant to enhance safety and stability too.

The ladder ANSI and EN standards-compliant with a type 1A rating to hold a weight of 300 pounds.

The ladder is 17 ft. long which can be well configured to cover a wide area when painting stairs.

The ladder comes with a 2 years warranty.

  • It’s durable
  • It is versatile
  • EN and ANSI compliant
  • Holds weight of 300 pounds
  • 17 ft. long
  • 2 years warranty


  • Heavy for some people

4. Little Giant, Revolution Ladders-M17 (12017-801)

For the best multi-purpose ladder, the little giant will be a good ladder to help in painting stairs. This revolution ladder can be converted into an A-frame ladder, 90 degrees ladder, extension ladder, trestle and plank ladder, and staircase ladder.

Little Giant, Revolution Ladders-M17 (12017-801) Check Price on Amazon

The ladder has a unique patented dual ratchet for a quick adjusting mechanism. Its levelers allow you to operate the ladder even on the unlevelled ground giving you utmost stability.

It is rated type 1A ladder and can hold a weight of 300 pounds on either side when configured as a step ladder.

Being 17 ft. long you can easily configure it to work on stairs especially when you are painting stairs.

The aluminum alloy used on this ladder makes it 20 % lighter than similar ladders in this category. On the contrary, it makes the ladder very sturdy and durable too.

The tip and glide wheels play an essential role when you need to move the ladder from one point to another.

  • It is 20% lightweight
  • 17 ft. long
  • Sturdy
  • With a work platform
  • Versatile
  • Durable


  • None found

5. Cosco 18 ft. Multi-Position Ladder

If you need to paint your stairs with convenience, this Cosco ladder will make an excellent choice. It is a versatile ladder that can be converted into 5 different configurations. You can use an extension ladder, a step ladder, a wall ladder, a scaffolding ladder, and a stairway ladder.

Cosco 18 ft. Multi-Position Ladder Check Price on Amazon

The ladder is built with strengthened aircraft-grade aluminum that makes the ladder durable and sturdy.

When painting stairs the ladder is designed to provide you with 10 different configurations for easy and effective painting. Fortunately, as you convert it, you will not need any tools to do it.

The steps are wide and slip-resistant so you can effectively do your job with safety and comfort.

Essentially, the ladder can hold a maximum weight/load of 300 pounds and meets all the ANSI safety standards for a type 1A ladder.

It is 18 ft. long when fully extended.

  • Versatile
  • 300 pounds maximum weight capacity
  • Different configurations for painting stairs
  • Commercial grade
  • Meets ANSI safety standards
  • 18 ft. height


  • None found

6. Little Giant Dark Horse Ladder-M17 (15147-001)

Minimize ladder accidents by using the right ladder for the right job. For painting stairs, you can take the dark horse-M17 for an efficient and safe job.

Little Giant Dark Horse Ladder-M17 (15147-001) Check Price on Amazon

This ladder is versatile and you can convert it into an extension ladder, A-frame ladder, a 90-degrees ladder, and a stairway ladder. You can convert it into a total of 24 different positions.

Because of the fiberglass composite material used to construct it, the ladder is extra lightweight and also very sturdy when working on it.

It is easily portable when you are moving it from one position to another. This construction material also makes this ladder non-conductive and good to work where there are electrical fittings.

The Dark hose M17 model is designed to reach a height of 17 ft. which works quite well when converted into a stair ladder.

It is a type 1A ladder with a load capacity of 300 pounds and also meets all the ANSI and OSHA safety standards.

  • Extra lightweight
  • 300 pounds weight capacity
  • Non-conductive
  • Versatile
  • 17 ft. height
  • Sturdy


  • None found

7. ORIENTOOLS Extension Ladder 17Ft.  

You can easily complete your project for painting stairs using this ladder. ORIENTOOLS ladder is multi-purpose and you can convert it a wall ladder, scaffold ladder, extension ladder, A-frame ladder, and a staircase ladder.

Little Giant Dark Horse Ladder-M17 (15147-001) Check Price on Amazon

The ladder is very comfortable and safe when working on the stairs due to the wide steps and also the flared legs. This will greatly minimize any feet fatigue and allow you to work efficiently.

It is easily adjustable from one position to another and also very compact so you can easily move it about the stairs.

Being designed with high-grade aluminum makes this ladder very durable. It is rust-proof and also corrosion-resistant.

The ladder can be extended 17 ft. high but it will not be the case when used as a stairways ladder.

With a type 1A rating, the ladder can hold a weight of 300 pounds and is also ANSI safety standard compliant.

  • It is durable
  • It is multi-purpose
  • Safe and comfortable
  • 300 pounds weight capacity
  • 17 ft. height


  • It is a bit heavy


These best ladders for painting stairs are not only going to help you easily complete your project. They will also help minimizes the chances of a probable ladder accident. It is my desire that you have been able to select your best. But if you are still having challenges to select, I would recommend Little Giant Velocity Ladders-M17, (15417-001) for the good ratings and reviews.

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