7 Best Ladder Stand for Deer Hunting in 2022


If you love hunting for fun with friends,Best Ladder Stand for Deer Hunting you can get the best ladder stands for deer hunting to make it more adventurous.

When getting these stands, always consider stability to avoid injuries on an event meant for fun. Though some stands are good, not all of them can hold two people at the same time and other features. It is therefore good to be careful when selecting them

In this article, I have analyzed the available stands with variant features for deer hunting and have compiled the list for you to enable you to make an informed choice.

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Reviews: 7 Best Ladder Stand for Deer Hunting in 2022

1.Millennium(M100U) Ultralite Tree Stand

Here is another bow great hunting ladder designed by the millennium. Unlike monster hung, the M100U ultra-lite comes with extra features like backpack straps to help you move around with it as you get another hunting spot.

Best Ladder Stand for Deer Hunting Check Price on Amazon

It is easily foldable into a flat design that is easy to carry and is also 20% extra-light than M100.

The platform is quite amazing and gives you the opportunity to take your shot at any angle whether using your gun or a bow. The seat is also technically designed for easy fold-up in case you want to take your shot while standing.

The general design of the ladder is built in such a way that it’s quick to set it up with minimum struggle. Consequently, the aluminum coat gives this ladder a long-lasting service.

The 35 ft. long rope is designed to help you go up the ladder and you do not need to worry about the weight it can hold because its limit is 300 pounds.

  • It’s lightweight
  • The maximum load capacity of 300 pounds
  • Has 35 ft. climbing rope
  • It easily set up
  • Has a big and spacious platform
  • Designed with backpack straps


  • Not suitable for beginners

2.81120 Viper-SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy Oak

If you want to own the best ladder stand for deer hunting, this is a good choice. The viper has been known for years for its best quality design.

81120 Viper-SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy Oak Check Price on Amazon

Built-in flexibility, you can adjust the platform to fit your hunting activity when using a gun or a bow. Adjusted to stand up when using a bow,  and to sit down when using a gun. It is also padded for maximum comfort and safety

The ladder is equally lightweight and easy to carry around as you search for a new hunting ground. It is simple and fast to set up and you do not need nuts, knobs, or even bolts but you can do it with a simple cable. It can sustain a weight of up to 300 pounds and meets the ANSI safety standards.

Designed to be reliable, the ladder has a 5 years manufacturer’s limited warranty.

  • Adjustable platform
  • Sustains a weight of 300 pounds
  • 5 years warranty
  • Sustains maximum weight of 300 pounds
  • It is lightweight
  • Fast and simple to set up
  • Safe and stable


  • None found

3. Big Dog BDL-1050 17.5′ Stadium Serie

Are you are planning to go fun hunting game with your friends? Here is a good ladder that can accommodate both of you in one without the stability and comfort issues. This ladder is designed with a platform that is spacious and holds strongly to the trunk for more stability.

Big Dog BDL-1050 17.5' Stadium Serie Check Price on Amazon

There are 4 ratchet straps that hold strongly and provide stability. You can also adjust the ladder accordingly to fit the suitable site for your deer hunting. The steel construction is equally sturdy and durable and easy to mount on any trunk regardless of the shape and size.

If you prefer crossbow hunting, the ladder provides adequate space to even draw your arrows without fear of losing balance and its curvature provides enough space for turning when taking your shot. The seat is padded and which also applies to the armrest to provide utmost comfort when hunting.

The maximum weight is 300 pounds for two and 500 pounds in the case of one person.

  • Supports two people
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Stable and comfortable
  • Durable
  • Supports 2 people 300 pounds each
  • Firm grip-to almost permanent grip
  • Can be adjusted to any length


  • Heavy to carry around
  • Tight grip and not suitable for someone who many hunting spots

4.Summit Viper Steel Climber

If it’s your first time to go hunting, or you are known to this game, grab yourself this masterpiece of the ladder.

Summit Viper Steel Climber Check Price on Amazon

Though designed with steel, the stand gets all the compliments of the aluminum viper ladder. It gives a quiet and east set up and firmly holds to the tress. You can easily stand or sit on this stand depending on your hunting activity.

It comes with enhanced safety and comfort with its cushioned seat.  Additionally, you can also adjust your seat height to fit your activity.

The ladder can sustain a weight of up to 300 pounds and is designed with a hard powder coat to improve its durability and minus rusting effect.

  • Quiet design
  • Curved stable seat
  • Sustains up to 300 pounds
  • It is durable
  • Comfortable cushioned seat
  • Adjustable height
  • Firm grip


  • Its heavy

5.XOP Vanish Evolution, Hang-On Tree Stand

If you really need a hunting ladder that you can easily attach around curved and crooked trees XOP Vanish Evolution will be an excellent choice.  It is compacted and quiet as you set it up upon the tree.

XOP Vanish Evolution, Hang-On Tree Stand Check Price on Amazon

Did I mention that it is very lightweight and easy to carry around as you move across multiple hunting grounds?

Its item weight is about 11 pounds a reduction from the original design Vanish XT design. Additionally, it can also sustain a weight of about 350 pounds. The seats can also be leveled and designed to be mobile to give you a better hunting position.

The foot stand has been redesigned with reduced weight and the padded seat gives comfort for a better gun hunting style.  The back-pack straps are durable and are designed with heavy-duty steel.

Lastly, the ladder is designed with aluminum to make it durable and ultra-light.

  • It is lightweight
  • Designed with backpack straps
  • Padded seat
  • Firm on crooked trees
  • Can sustain a weight of 350 pounds
  • It is long-lasting


  • None found

6. XOP-XTREME Vanish Evolution-Deluxe Deer Stand

The XOP ladder stand is an evolution of the vanish XT. Built in aluminum the stand is very light weighing about 11.3 pounds. It comes in a compacted design that is easy and quiet and can be easily carried around.

XOP-XTREME Vanish Evolution-Deluxe Deer Stand Check Price on Amazon

Additionally,  you can easily tie the stand at the back with backpack straps whenever you are changing your hunting ground. These straps are UV light treated to make them stronger and durable.

The improved seat leveling is designed with 3 layers of foam to give maximum comfort and good shooting posture either when standing or sitting. The six-point arrest system assists the stand to hold even on an uneven tree.

The cushions act as the head and backrest when either sitting or standing respectively.

The stand is also very durable and can sustain a weight of 350 pounds and is approved by the TMA weight safety rating.

  • Comes with backpack straps
  • It’s durable
  • It is lightweight
  • Straps are UV treated
  • Comfortable and sturdy
  • Sustain a weight of 350 pounds


  • None found

7. Millennium Monster, Hang-On Treestand

This tree stand has been designed with the comfort of the hunter in mind and has been ranked as the comfiest stand.

The seat is adjustable and it comes with a 35 ft rope with a not to help the hunter climb safely on the platform.

Millennium Monster, Hang-On Treestand Check Price on Amazon

The platform is large enough to give you a good space for hunting whether with a bow or a gun. On the same, you can fold the seat to allow for more room and comfort when taking that shot.

The rough aluminum and heavy-duty powder coat allow the stand to be durable and give it longer shelf life.

Setting up the stand is very quiet and easy and you can adjust it even on bent tress up to 15 degrees to enlarge your hunting site.

The ladder sustains a weight of up to 300 pounds with utmost stability.

  • It is durable
  • Gives utmost safety and comfort
  • Has a big platform
  • The seat is adjustable
  • Has quiet and east set up
  • Can sustain a weight of up to 300 pounds
  • It is lightweight
  • Easy to ascend and descend


  • None found


For the best ladder stand for deer hunting, the best recommendation goes to 81120 Viper-SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy Oak. For both comfort, stability, and a sitting platform, this stand easily blends them well

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