7 Best Pulldown Attic Stairs with Handrail In 2022

If you want to convert your attic into some extra storage space and you have been using common ladders to access it. Best Pull down Attic Stairs with Handrail Well, the good news is that you can get the best pull-down attic stairs with handrails to access the ceiling.

Fortunately for these ladders, you will not need to reserve extra space in the garage or store for them. They are designed with a compact and retracting mechanism for their storage even as they help you access the attic.

In the article below, I have compiled a list of the best available attic ladder to help in making a good buying choice.

Reviews: 6 Best Pulldown Attic Stairs with Handrail In 2022

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1.Louisville Elite Aluminum Attic Ladder-AA2210

If you are looking forward to discovering new storage space in your attic or ceiling and you really feel you need a ladder, this is the best option to take home.

Best Pulldown Attic Stairs with Handrail Check Price on Amazon

This ladder fits so well if your size has a height of 7-10 ft. and an opening size of 221/2 inches -54 inches.

It is also quite strong and sturdy and holds a weight of 375 pounds. To support this weight, it is fitted with strong hinges that make it strong and minimize wobbling when in use, and also allows it to unfold easily.

It has a customized and attractive design engineered with springs that adjust to minimize tensions. The steps are grooved to maximize the grip and making them non-slip while giving you that feeling of safety.

The shoes are designed to be adjustable to fit into any kind of floor while the t-shaped ergonomic handle gives you a feel of comfort as you climb up the ladder.

  • Durable
  • 7-10 ft. tall
  • 375 pounds weight support
  • Adjustable
  • Non-slip feet


  • Poor packaging causing damages during transportation

2. Louisville Wooden Attic Ladder- L224P

If you a designed small attic and have a problem fitting the normal ladders getting in it, I recommend you get yourself this ladder.

ouisville Wooden Attic Ladder- L224P Check Price on Amazon

It is designed with maximum stability and safety. The durable hinges strongly hold the ladder making it easy for you to ascend without wobbling.  These hinges also play a pivotal role when you are unfolding the ladder though it calls for rough attic dimensions of 25-60 inches.

The steps are corrugated to give you a stable footing when you are climbing to access the attic. You can use it to access the ceiling and attics that are approximately 10 ft.

Additionally, it comes with and an easy setup mechanism making it easy for you to quickly install it even without needing any skills. The metal EZ-hangs straps further simplify the installation process

It is certified by OSHA & ANSI and can support a weight of 250 pounds.

  • Fast to install
  • Fits in tight spaces
  • Durable
  • Sturdy and safe
  • Support weight of 250 pounds


  • Not good if you don’t like wooden structures

3. WERNER Attic Ladder (AA1510)

There is no need to use an oversize ladder to fit into tight spaces when you have a ladder that perfectly fits.

WERNER Attic Ladder (AA1510) Check Price on Amazon

What I like about this ladder is, it is lightweight and portable. This is to means opening and closing will be an easy task for you or the elderly and includes an assist pole to help you in the process.

If your attic is small, it can perfectly fit into such with minimum effort. You can also fit it on closets and hallways as the best alternative.

It is telescopic and its feet are non-marring to give you more stability as you climb up the ladder. Additionally, the ladder comes with hardware accessories to help you in fitting the ladder into your attic; this does not include the door.

Most importantly, this ladder is suitable for the attic with a height range of 7-9ft and can support a weight of 250 pounds.

  • Lightweight
  • Has a height range of 7-9 ft.
  • Supports weight of 250 pounds
  • Easy to install
  • Easily opens and closes
  • Sturdy


  • Needs improvement on packaging

4. FAKRO LST Attic Ladder

If you are considering an economically friendly ladder with a sleek design for your attic and unused ceiling, this is the most appropriate.

FAKRO LST Attic Ladder Check Price on Amazon

You can use this insulated steel scissor ladder on ceilings and attic with an average height of 7-9 ft. it is designed with an S-shapes string that acts as handrails and helpful when you are climbing the ladder. Additionally, this ladder also comes with a fit indoor that opens and closes alongside the ladder.

I am also fascinated by the insulated gaskets that are sandwiched between the boards to minimize heat loss. It also comes along with a heavy-duty box frame that is designed with pine giving the ladder a smooth opening and closing.

Lastly, this ladder is very sturdy with a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds and meets all the standard regulations. The ladder comes with a 2-year warranty.

  • Max. Weight of 300 pounds
  • Suitable for attics with 7-9 ft. tall
  • Opens and closes easily
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with handrails
  • Sleek design


  • It’s narrow

5. Invisible loft Folding Attic Ladder

Instead of getting a ladder that fails to fit on your attic, get your measurements with an invisible loft ladder for a customized ladder that fits perfectly well.

Invisible loft Folding Attic Ladder Check Price on Amazon

It also comes with slip-resistant rubber mats that minimize traction and enhance stability. The titanium-magnesium alloy plays a crucial role to make this ladder both lightweight and durable due to the fact that it is rust-proof.

The good thing is that you can customize the ladder depending on your attic. However, as for the maximum weight, the ladder supports 660 pounds.

However, the maximum height to be achieved can go as far as 12.46 ft. and the maximum attic dimensions of 39.37 inches to 55.11 inches.

On the contrary, this ladder is designed with wide steps that offer you maximum stability as you access the attic. These kinds of steps are recommendable for use by children, adults, or even the elderly.

In addition to the ladder, you get a foldable handrail to enhance your safety as you climb up the ladder.

  • It is lightweight
  • Comes in customized designs
  • Sturdy and safe
  • Max weight support of 660 pound


  • None found

6. Aluminum Alloy Retractable Loft Home Ladder

If you are the kind that prefers customized and wall-mounted ladders, this will work well for you.

Aluminum Alloy Retractable Loft Home Ladder Check Price on Amazon

With this telescopic ladder, you can fit in the vertical wall just adjacent to the attic or ceiling. This is to give you easy access.

What I like about this ladder is that when not in use, it compactly shrinks up in storage and does not take up space. It is designed with magnesium-titanium alloy to make it lightweight, rust-proof, and resistant to wear and tear.

Additionally, on purchase on this ladder, you get a pair of free handrails.

For accurate customization of your ladder, you need to get and give accurate measurements.

Though the ladder comes in different sizes, it is designed with a maximum weight capacity of 660 pounds and is approved by the National Quality and Safety Monitoring Agency.

  • It is lightweight
  • Comes in a customized design
  • It is durable
  • Easy storage
  • Adjustable height


  • None found


I hope this summarized analysis has given you an idea of the best pull-down attic stairs with handrails to look for. However, if you are still undecided I would recommend you take Louisville Elite Aluminum Attic Ladder-AA2210. It has the best reviews and a good rating as well.

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