7 Best Step Ladder for High Ceilings In 2022

The dangers of working on high ceilings can be fatal and getting yourself the best step ladders for high ceilings will be a good remedy in minimizing these risks.

Best Step Ladder for High Ceilings

As you go about selecting these ladders, you will need a very careful selection so you don’t end up with a ladder that will not meet your needs. As you consider the ceiling height, ladder stability among other factors.

In this article, I have gone ahead and reviewed some ladders in the market that you may want to consider for the ceiling job.

Reviews: 7 Best Step Ladder for High Ceilings In 2022

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1. Little Giant Multi-Position Revolution Ladder-M26

If you need a step ladder to work on high ceilings, revolution-M26 will be a great ladder for you.  It is perfectly suited for such indoor jobs while giving unmatched stability when working.

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This ladder is also multi-purpose and you can convert it into different configurations like an A-frame ladder, extension ladder, 90 degrees ladder, stairways ladders, and a trestle and plank ladder. The rock lock adjusters help in the fast and easy configuration of the ladder into different positions.

It has wide and flared feet that keep the ladder stable. The high-quality aluminum makes the ladder lightweight and also portable.

The levelers help keep the ladder sturdy on the unlevelled ground. This is particularly important if you are working on stairs.

The ladder is designed to hold a weight of 300 pounds and has a type 1A ladder rating and at the same time compliant with ANSI and OSHA safety standards.

  • It is lightweight
  • Has a 300 weight capacity
  • It is versatile
  • It is durable
  • OSHA and ANSI compliant
  • It is sturdy


  • When extended, it becomes heavy for some people to carry

2. Werner Multi-Use Twin Ladder-16 Ft.

This twin ladder from Werner will indeed help you in reaching high ceilings for whatever kind of job that you intend to undertake.

Werner Multi-Use Twin Ladder-16 Ft. Check Price on Amazon

Its rails are built with fiberglass that is non-conductive making it perfect for any work involving electrical installations. However, spreaders are made of aluminum that provides a stable footing for the ladder.

The knee bracing minimizes any likelihood of knee injury and also keeps you safe.

As a twin-step ladder, it has the capacity to support a weight of 300 pounds on both sides.

It is reinforced with bottom end caps that enhance the ladder’s stability and durability.

The ladder can extend to 16 ft. helping you carry out all the high ceilings job with ease and utmost stability.

All the steps are firmly fitted with double rivets and a washer for more reinforcement.

  • Sturdy
  • Non-conductive
  • Can hold a weight of 300 pounds on both sides
  • Can be used as a twin ladder
  • Reaches a height of 16 ft.
  • Safe to use where there are electrical fittings.


  • It’s heavy
  • Poor quality control

3. Little Giant Ladder System (10126LG)-26 Ft.

When it’s about high ceilings this 26 ft. stepladder will be excellent to work with.

Little Giant Ladder System (10126LG)-26 Ft. Check Price on Amazon

The ladder is multi-purpose and you can configure it into many designs to suit your project. It can work as an extension ladder, an A-frame ladder, a 90 degrees ladder, a staircase ladder, or a trestle and plank ladder. Interestingly, it can be used in 43 different positions including a two-person ladder.

Rated as a heavy-duty ladder, it can hold a weight of 300 pounds on both sides as a twin-step ladder.

The strong aluminum used on the ladder allows the ladder to be sturdy and can hold heavyweights. This stability is also enhanced by the triple lock hinges even at extended heights.

To facilitate easy movement of the ladder, it is fitted with tip and glides wheels.

  • It is versatile with 43 different configurations
  • The ladder is sturdy
  • 300 weight support on both sides
  • 26 ft. maximum height
  • It is durable
  • Easy to transport


  • some customers have complained of it being too heavy

4. Vulcan Multi-Task Stepladder-17Ft. 

This is a great ladder to use on high ceilings if they don’t exceed 17 feet. Vulcan is versatile and you can convert into many different positions depending on the job you are doing.

Vulcan Multi-Task Stepladder-17Ft.  Check Price on Amazon

Among such configurations include, a 90 degrees ladder, an A-frame ladder, an extension ladder, apart from the four major configurations, the ladder can also be converted into 23 different positions depending on the project you are doing.

Rated as a type 1A ladder, it holds a weight of 300 pounds and is also ANSI certified.

With a patented no-hinge system, the ladder is very easy to operate which also makes it very unique.

You can easily do your projects with the assurance of safety for the non-marring feet that keep the ladder from slipping. The steps are also wide with increased traction to minimize slipping and also feet fatigue.

For easy movement of the ladder, it is lightweight and also very portable.

  • Patented non-hinge system
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Easy to transport
  • 300 pounds weight support
  • Compliant with ANSI safety standards
  • 17 ft. maximum height


  • Quality checks needed

5. TOPRUNG Model-17 ft. Multi-Purpose Ladder

TOPRUNG has over the years been known to produce quality ladders. This professional ladder was developed with different combinations with 6 different configurations and 30 different positions.

TOPRUNG Model-17 ft. Multi-Purpose Ladder Check Price on Amazon

In manufacturing the ladder, all the ANSI, EN-131 standard safety regulations were observed.

The ladder is made with high-grade aluminum that makes the ladder durable and sturdy. Additionally, it is also lightweight and easy to carry when doing your projects.

The beauty of this ladder is that it comes assembled which saves you the time and the struggle most customers experience when assembling.

The feet are wide to give you full leg support and reduce feet fatigue. They are also slip-resistant so you don’t have to get scared about falling.

It can hold a weight of 300 pounds and ANSI standards-compliant. This model can reach high ceilings not exceeding 17ft. with utmost stability.

The ladder also comes with a 2 years warranty and 100 percent customer service.

  • Supports weight of 300 pounds
  • Comes fully assembled
  • 2 years warranty
  • Versatile
  • 17 ft. maximum height
  • Sturdy and comfortable


  • It’s heavy

6. Cosco 18 ft. Telescoping Multi-Position Ladder

For high ceilings, this is a ladder for such jobs. This ladder has 5 different configurations that you can use for any of the ceiling jobs.

Cosco 18 ft. Telescoping Multi-Position Ladder Check Price on Amazon

You can convert it into an A-Frame ladder, extension ladder, stairs ladder, 90 degrees ladder, and a scaffolding ladder. Additionally, you can convert into other multiple positions for better working.

The ladder is also designed with aluminum for stability which also makes the ladder durable. The ladder can handle a weight of 300 pounds and has a type 1A extra heavy-duty rating.

For more stability and comfort, the ladder has wide steps with added traction to make them slip-resistant.  It is also designed with patented hinges and spring lock levers to enhance its stability and safety when you are working.

This ladder can help reach high ceilings with a maximum height of 18 ft. it folds easily and is also compact for easy storage and transportation.

  • Easy to use
  • It’s compact and easy to store
  • Easy to transport
  • Has 300 pounds weight support capacity
  • 18 ft. maximum height
  • Patented hinge design


  • It has questionable height capacity

7. Little Giant SkyScraper Stepladder-M21

The sky scrapper will help you reach vaulted ceilings and the most difficult places in the ceilings and chandeliers.

Little Giant SkyScraper Stepladder-M21 Check Price on Amazon

It is versatile and you can easily configure it into different positions for use. You can use it on stairs and can also be configured to work on obstacles like stadium seats and benches.

The skyscraper also compactly folds to half the size for easier storage and transportation.

It can hold a weight of 300 pounds on both sides while it has met all the OSHA and ANSI safety standards.

The steps are ribbed to improve traction and make them anti-slip giving you utmost safety as you climb up the ladder

It is made from aluminum which makes it light and portable for a 26 ft. ladder.

  • Works around obstacles
  • Hold 300 pounds on both sides
  • Easy to reach hard places in ceilings
  • Maximum height of 26 ft.
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Versatile
  • Meets ANSI and OSHA standards


  • Quality control great needed


When selecting the best step ladder for high ceilings, the above list will guide you into making a good choice. Remember to take note of your ceiling levels for precision when buying. On stability and other features, the article guides and you can also click to check more on reviews and ratings too.

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