Electrician Ladder Types – Is Fiberglass the Best?

An electrician ladder is an important piece of equipment for those working around electricity. Aluminum, wood, and fiberglass are the three most typical components that are used in the production of an electrician ladder in today’s world.

  • When it comes to matters of safety, every material possesses its own set of benefits and drawbacks, but fiberglass is one substance that stands out from the rest as being particularly superior to the others.
  • After the end of the Second World War, as people started to discover how handy fiberglass ladders were around the home and in the workplace, the popularity of fiberglass ladders began to rise.

These kinds of ladders are not only less cumbersome and easier to carry, but they also offer a higher level of safety, as will be demonstrated by the following three reasons.

Why fiberglass ladders offer a higher level of safety

1. Resistance to Corrosion

Ladders made of aluminum and wood are both prone to corrosion and rot as a result of exposure to the elements. Climbers have an increased risk of injury as a result of this scenario because corroded or rotting ladders become weakened, which increases the likelihood that the ladder will break.

On the other hand, fiberglass does not corrode, and as a result, it is able to withstand the pressure that is brought on by the environment. In addition to giving this reassuring safety aspect, it also means that your ladder will normally last for a far longer period of time than, for example, a ladder made of wood or aluminum would.

2. Materials That Do Not Conduct Electricity

Fiberglass is a well-known substance that does not conduct electricity, which indicates that electricity is unable to travel through the material. Because of this one and only reason, many electricians choose to work with fiberglass ladders.

3. Fire-Resistant

Another benefit of fiberglass ladders is that they are fire-resistant, which is another advantage of using them. This information is very helpful for firefighters, as they frequently make use of ladders of this kind.

  • It is also important to remember that fiberglass ladders are typically fairly durable and are able to support a person’s equipment in addition to themselves.

This characteristic, in addition to the fact that fiberglass ladders are resistant to corrosion, electricity, and fire, makes them an excellent choice for usage in any industry or environment, including the home.

Top 3 Electrician Ladder

1. Werner OBEL04 Old Blue Electrician Ladder

Available in 4-foot, 6-foot, 8-foot, 10-foot, and 12-foot lengths, the New Old Blue Electricians Jobstation type IAA 375 duty rating fiberglass step ladder is manufactured by The Werner Company.

The Electrician’s Jobstation is the first product in their Old Blue Series, and it was developed especially for professional electricians with the goals of maximizing work efficiency, extending product life, and minimizing risk.

Featuring ToolLasso Bungee System with three bungees is provided to wrap around tools or just about anything and securely mount it in the tassel. Customized holster top for the electrician’s tools of the trade, which include 10-inch channel lock pliers, utility hole, 9-inch side cutters, wire stripper, 2 screwdrivers, small parts tray, conduit groove designed for pipe in sizes of 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, and 1-inch; conduit scale with 1/8-

Its composition of fiberglass renders it absolutely risk-free for use in electrical environments.

Top Features

  • Lock-In Accessory System Holster Top prevents dropped tools
  • Fiberglass construction ensures the safe use of electrical tasks
  • Double riveted Traction-Tred treads make for steps that won’t slip.
  • Internally mounted, heavy-duty spreaders
  • The EDGE bracing technology contributes to a reduction in rail damage.
  • Integrated holders for wire spools


  • Quite stable and does not waver or wobble at all even for a heavy-set person
  • Notches on the top for attaching a utility bucket accessory in addition to drill holes for hand tools
  • Having rings for retaining wire spools is an additional benefit.
  • Safe to use when performing electrical stuff
  • Inexpensive price


  • Can be a little heavy for some people

2. Little Giant King Kombo, Professional 10 Ft. Fiberglass Electrician Ladder

Little Giant Ladders King Kombo represents the cutting-edge of ladder design, with a wide range of useful options that make using a ladder easier, safer, and more convenient than ever before. The King Kombo has been honored with two 2019 awards: OH&S New Product of the Year and Pro Tool Innovation.

The ladder’s novel design and capacity to increase security earned praise in both categories. This versatile ladder can be quickly changed into an A-frame, an extension, or a leaning posture to suit your needs.

The revolving wall pad is the showpiece of the King Kombo. You can confidently place your ladder on inside and outside walls, studs, and corners.

For added side-tip stability, the legs on the ascending side of the ladder are flared outward. The legs of the ladder’s extension section are straight and slim enough to squeeze in between wall studs. Move around in confined areas like wall studs, ceiling trusses, and roof or attic hatches.

It’s like manna from heaven for electricians because it is made of non-conductive fiberglass and it can be used safely in electrical environments. Hi-Viz Green’s high visibility helps prevent accidents using ladders. The King Kombo Industrial and Technical variants are equipped with Ground Cue, an alert system that serves as the base tier. You can safely lower yourself down the ladder.

The groundbreaking V-bar isn’t the only innovative design element of the Industrial and Technical King Kombo Ladders. When the extension is open, the non-marring V-bar has an excellent corner, wall, and stud grip. Rating This type of IAA ladder complies with all applicable OSHA and ANSI regulations and has a weight capacity of 375 pounds.

Top Features

  • Unique design allows it to be used as stepladder, an extension ladder, or a leaning ladder.
  • The rotating wall pad allows you to get closer to your work by adjusting to inside and outside corners, walls, and studs.

  • The slim, practical back side makes it possible to reach places like wall studs, ceiling trusses, and roof/attic hatches.

  • Non-conductive Hi-Viz Green Fiberglass improves ladder visibility and is electrically safe to work with.

  • All OSHA and ANSI regulations are met or exceeded
  • Type IAA rating that allows it to hold 375 pounds.


  • There are two rubberized buttons, one on each side, that unlock the hinge quickly and securely into the new position.
  • A rubberized plastic plate at the top of the ladder keeps it from sliding while leaning against a wall or cupboard.
  • Rubber is also used for the feet at the base of the ladder.
  • This hybrid ladder serves as both a normal ladder and an extension ladder and still manages to be portable.
  • Click mechanism for adjusting ladder height and/or setting up a stable base gives you more assurance
  • Ladders made of fiberglass are naturally safer to use


  • Slightly heavier than regular aluminum ladders

3. Louisville FM1408HD Electrician Ladder

The 375 Brute FM1408hd twin front ladder is constructed out of durable extra heavy-duty fiberglass components and is designed to be climbed from any side.

  • This ladder has a height of 8 feet and is rated to hold 375 pounds, making it suitable for the most demanding industrial and contractor applications.

Each step is constructed with heavy-duty steel gussets for optimal strength, which are then secured with large-headed, semi-tubular steel rivets. These rivets have a shear strength that is thirty percent greater than rivets made of solid aluminum.

Gussets constructed of heavy-duty steel are supported on each step in order to bestow upon them the maximum amount of strength and stability. Aluminum plates have been welded into place at the ladder’s four most vulnerable stress areas in order to lengthen its lifespan.

The heavy-duty gauge steel hinge assembly is constructed to have the highest possible level of longevity.

Braces are protected from being hooked or otherwise mistreated while in transit thanks to extra-thick spreader braces that are installed inside side rails. In order to prevent fiber prominence or blooming over the course of several years of use, the non-conductive full channel rails are covered with a polyester veil. It also comes with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

Top Features

  • Sophisticated appearance with a quality finish
  • Strong, durable, and reliable ladder
  • Ladders are protected during transport thanks to internal spreader braces.
  • The SHOX system, unique to Louisville Ladder, increases the product’s durability and resistance to abuse and accidental mishandling.
  • It features a raptor boot that offers sure-footing thanks to its slip-resistant and non-marring bonded tread.
  • 375-pound weight capacity
  • Complies with or surpasses all of the safety standards established by ANSI and OSHA


  • Even when standing at full height and attempting to move it, there is no detectable wobbling.
  • Opens and closes without any difficulty,
  • The use of a double-sided frame makes it possible for a friend to assist with more challenging projects.
  • Can be purchased at any height that the customer desires.
  • Heavyweight rating enables people of larger sizes to use the ladder safely


  • No slots or holes are provided for holding tools.
  • A little heavy for some people to move around
  • The price is a little steep


In conclusion, the choice of material for an electrician’s ladder is crucial for ensuring safety and durability in the workplace. While aluminum and wood ladders have their limitations, fiberglass ladders stand out as the superior choice for several reasons. Fiberglass ladders are resistant to corrosion, making them more long-lasting and dependable. They do not conduct electricity, making them a safe option for electricians working with live wires. Additionally, their fire-resistant properties make them ideal for various industries, including firefighting.

The highlighted ladder models, such as the Werner OBEL04, Little Giant King Kombo, and Louisville FM1408HD, exemplify the advantages of fiberglass ladders, providing stability, versatility, and safety features that are essential for professionals. With their unique design and high weight capacity, these ladders offer a reliable solution for electricians and contractors.

In essence, fiberglass ladders are the preferred choice for those prioritizing safety, durability, and versatility in their work, making them a valuable asset in various industrial and domestic settings.

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