How to Keep a Ladder from Slipping

Your safety on a ladder is very paramount. However, even with the right ladder, it is very important to understand how to keep the ladder from slipping.

Using the wrong ladder on the job contributes to over 90 % of ladder accidents. Another major cause of ladder accidents is improper positioning of the ladder when working.

How to Keep a Ladder from Slipping

Whether you are a professional or a DIYer, a ladder accident could happen to anyone. It does not matter the kind of job you are doing whether painting, trimming trees, fixing your gutters, or any other job.

There are 3 keys areas that you need to consider as you keep your ladder stable and free from slipping. These areas include the base where you position the ladder and the top where the ladder edge touches and finally the ladder form.

When these three things are done, then you have majorly dealt with the safety basics. However, there are also other standard procedures that apply everywhere regardless of the kind of ladder you have.

In this article, I will take through a step-by-step process of properly positioning your ladder and avoiding accidents.

How to Keep a Ladder from Slipping

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 Step 1: Inspect Your Ladder

The first thing you need to do is to check the condition of the ladder. This is a very important step because the ladder could have been damaged without your knowledge that could further lead to an accident.

Also remember to check for dirt material like grease, oil, or any other material that could lead you to slip from the ladder.

When the condition of the ladder is okay, you can then proceed to mount it and start working on your project.

Step 2: Setting the Right Angle

After a careful analysis of the ladder and verification that it is in good condition, you need to set the ladder in the right position. By this, you have to check the condition on the ground where you will be positioning the ladder in regard to the height to purpose to achieve.

When the ground is level and free of obstacles, set the ladder at an angle of 75.5 degrees which is the most recommended. At this angle, you have an assurance that the ladder is stable enough to hold you firmly and the chance of slipping is minimal.

This angle is important to all types of ladders including the ones designed with the non-slipping mechanism.

It is very important to note that the proper setting of the ladder begins at the bottom and not at the top.

If the ground is not level or still the ladder is not stable enough, you can proceed to use other accessories to improve on its stability.

Step 3: Using a Ladder-Mat Leveler

In the scenario that the surface is not level, you can use a mat-leveler. In most cases, these mats are made of strong rubber matting that keeps the ladder stable. It is also very useful because it prevents the ladder from slipping.

Step 4: Using a ladder m8rix stabilizer

This stabilizer is uniquely designed for the purpose of stabilizing the ladder in the sloppy ground. The unique thing about it is that you can use it on all types of surfaces. You can place it on surfaces like wood, gravel, concrete, or even snow.

What I like about this m8rix is that is it engages perfectly well with all types of ladders and is very simple to use.

It makes you carry out your project without fear of slipping. It is also versatile and you can use it while painting, cleaning windows, on the roof, and gutter repairs among other jobs.

Step 5: Using Ladder Cleats

This is another great alternative to use to keep the ladder stable and minimize slipping. These holders firmly hold the ladder legs against the wall and prevent them from slipping.

Do not climb the ladder before you can confirm it is firmly held and its legs are resting well to keep you stable as you go up.

Step 6: Using a Ladder Stabilizer

This is one of the accessories that play a very key role in keeping you sturdy as you undertake your project.  You can use the stabilizer by attaching it at the top of the ladder to the wall to prevent the ladder from slipping.

 Step 7: Using Big Grip Ladder Leveler

If you find yourself struggling to keep the ladder vertical and firm, you should consider using this product.

The good thing about it is that it will give you a proper working position so that you can finish your project faster.

It is very helpful to use it on downhill or sloppy ground. From my point of view, every ladder owner needs this gadget.

When you are working on the sloppy ground, this is exactly what you need to work on without much trouble. Though this does not guarantee 100 % safety, you also need to take exceptional care when you are climbing up the ladder.


No matter how much you have used ladders, there is a whole new experience every time you use a ladder and extra care is needed.

By now you have an idea of how to keep a ladder from slipping. However, there is still a lot that needs to be done to achieve utmost safety.

This comes especially when you have to use attachments on your ladder. It is important to go through the instructions manual and ensure they are fitted safely as guided.

In other instances, check the OSHA & ANSI standards before you can purchase and use your ladder.

Hope this piece of information was helpful.  You can reach us at For all your ladder needs and accessories.

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