How to Maintain Your Fiberglass Ladder

A ladder is an important item for any homeowner or most professional in various fields. Learning how to maintain your fiberglass ladder should be considered a priority for user safety and ladder durability.

How to Maintain Your Fiberglass Ladder

Part of the reasons for maintaining fiberglass ladders is because they are prone to so many factors of destruction that can easily damage it. Some of these factors include moisture, UV light, chemical reaction, and others.

Whether you use it for painting, cutting hedges, cleaning gutters and windows, there is much need to do routine maintenance.

How you handle a ladder also determines how long the ladder serves you. Proper storage, regular cleaning, and location of where it is used. You can also apply other, maintenance features like waxing and painting.

As part of maintenance, below are some activities that you may need to consider doing on your fiberglass ladder.

How to Maintain Your Fiberglass Ladder-The Right Way

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1. Using Wax

Other than cleaning the ladder, waxing the ladder also adds great value and prolongs the ladders’ durability. It is good to be careful about the choice of wax to use on your ladders. Some wax is slippery while others may cause ladder swelling both of which are safety hazards.

Carnauba wax or any wax used on vehicles is very suitable on your ladder. They maximize their protection against ultraviolet rays and moisture. As you know, moisture can be very destructive to ladders by causing rust and corrosion.

If you live in an area that is frequently moist or during the winter and spring seasons, you will need to occasionally wax your fiberglass ladder.

2. Cleaning The Ladder

Moisture is known to be destructive to the wooden ladders, it is no exception from fiberglass ladders. It is slowly accumulated into the ladder and in the end, causes corrosion. Cleaning also helps remove other dirt like grease, oil, moisture, mud, and others.

Basically, if you clean your ladder regularly, you are giving it a ticket to a shorter life span. As you clean, always avoid harsh scrubbing that could lead to abrasion and scratches leading to more damages

Cleaning is also very pivotal in preventing ladder accidents as a result of sliding. Unlike waxing that is done periodically cleaning should be done regularly.

Don’t forget to wipe the ladder dry after cleaning.

3. Treatment Against UV Light

Another danger that can easily degrade your ladder is UV light.  It can easily cause wear and tear and shorten the lifespan of your ladder.

Though they are physically invisible, these radiations slowly destroy your fiberglass ladder and the effects will only be realized when it is too late to repair the damages.

Your fiberglass ladder can be affected by UV rays if you leave it long exposure to direct sunlight even after work. The best conventional remedy would be to properly store the ladder under a shade.

That notwithstanding coating the ladder with polyurethane or acrylic lacquer also offers the best solution. You can do this regularly as part of routine maintenance to protect your ladder.

4. Proper Ladder Positioning

I know you are asking how proper positioning of the ladder has to do with maintenance.  Well from my earlier article I discussed properly position the ladder to avoid slipping. Ladder falls cause damages to the ladder and also injuries to the user.

As part of maintenance, it is good to understand how to position the ladder and avoid ladder damages that could sometimes be irreparable.

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5. Expert Advice On Chemical Reaction

Maybe you work in the chemical industry and you are still wondering how to maintain your fiberglass ladder. In this case, some chemicals react with your ladder and you will need an expert opinion on what to do.

For DIYers experiencing such reactions, painting your fiberglass ladder could greatly help to reduce these reactions.


Though fiberglass ladders have low maintenance costs, it is good to learn how to maintain your fiberglass ladder. A poorly maintained fiberglass will barely last 3 years but with proper maintenance, it can last you a lifetime.

These maintenance procedures will also greatly save you the cost of buying new ladders. Alternatively, it will also improve your safety as you work on your projects.

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How to Maintain Your Fiberglass Ladder-The Right Way

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