How to Raise an Extension Ladder

If you like using an extension ladder, you can confirm that it’s not easy raising it and setting it up against a wall. If you want to learn how to raise an extension ladder, this is the right place to be.

How to Raise an Extension Ladder

When raising an extension ladder, you need a lot of technicalities to avoid causing an accident or injuring yourself. Therefore, choose a good ladder location, raise the ladder slowly and extend the ladder smoothly. This way, you can easily complete your projects without any fear of accidents.

In this article, I will outline the important steps to take to safely secure your extension ladder on the wall. Whether you are painting, fixing the gutters, repairing roofs, this is the right place for you.

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How to Raise an Extension Ladder-The Safest Way 

Anytime you have to use a ladder for whatever reason, your safety is very important. Some very simple steps that you are likely to disregard may be what it takes to save your life. Therefore, as you raise your extension ladder, this is what you should not miss.

Getting a level ground.

If you have to succeed in setting an extension ladder right, it has to start from the ground. If the land is sloppy, then this will present a challenge. Either you bear the risk of a slipping ladder or be tactical on how to set it up. Check for more guidelines.

As for a leveled ground, you need to check for any obstacles within the area where you will set the ladder. Besides obstacles, you also need to check for a slippery surface that can easily make the ladder fall.

When this is done and the ground is okay, you can proceed to set the ladder. Make the foot firmly on the ground and slowly start extending against the ground.

Raising the Ladder

When raising the ladder, you have to take serious caution so it doesn’t end up falling on you.

If it’s a lightweight ladder, then lifting becomes easy. For a heavy ladder, you may need to be more careful before it falls on you. You can start by lifting the ladder from the end that is far from the wall. When you have raised the ladder over your head, lean it against the wall of the house while applying energy. This way, you can easily lift the extension ladder up without applying much force. However, this should be done in a smooth manner to avoid the ladder falling back on you.

If still, you feel the ladder is unstable, you can slowly lower it down to avoid accidents.

Extending the Ladder

Extension ladders are very tricky to use because of their straight design. They have the lower section and also the fly section of the ladder. High extension ladders are designed with a rope pulley while the short ones are not.

For ladders with a pulley, extension is easy with just pulling the rope as the ladder slowly extends to the desired position.

As for the ladders without a pulley system, pull up the fly section and ensure the ladder locks into the rungs firmly and is sturdy.

When the ladder reaches the working height, raise it at least 3ft above the working height and then lean it against the wall or the house.  This way, you can rest the ladder against the wall.

Setting the Right Working Angle

After fully extending the ladder to the right height, the next thing is to set the right angle. It’s unfortunate that most ladder accidents are a result of poor settings.

The rightful stipulated ladder angle is 75 degrees. At this pitch angle, the ladder can hardly slip and is also sturdy to work with.

To set the ladder, hold the lower section and move it away from the wall to create a stable position. Precisely you can use the ratio of 4:1 to determine the right pitch. For every foot high, move the ladder 1 foot away from the wall.

When this is done, try applying pressure on the ladder to feel how stable and strong it is before climbing.

As you set the ladder, take the necessary precautions to keep safe. If the ladder is too heavy, ask for extra support from friends to avoid too much strain on yourself.

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In Summary 

Thank you for taking the time to read this article on how to raise an extension ladder. The sole purpose is to help you use your ladder safely and minimize on-the-ladder accidents.

Get a level ground, extend the ladder according, and don’t forget to set the ladder at the right working angle. Though this does not guarantee 100 percent safety, be extra cautious when using ladders.

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