What are Tripod Ladders?

There are so many kinds of ladders in the matter but today I will shed more light on what are Tripod ladders. If you are a homeowner or a gardener, you probably need tripods more than any other form of ladder.

What are Tripod Ladders?

Tripods are 3-legged ladders. It is some kind of a step ladder but with a centralized leg (tripod pole) on one side. It is most useful for jobs such as fruit picking, hedge trimming among other garden activities. Those fond of using tripods, even use them for other purposes.

Though tripod ladders are almost similar to step ladders, it’s hard to tell the difference. Most people end up using step ladders for jobs meant for tripod ladders which are very wrong as they could lead to accidents.

Unlike step ladders, tripod ladders make garden jobs safer. Their legs are sharp at the bottom for easy penetration into the ground and give you better stability as you work.

Below are a few facts you need to understand about tripod ladders.

What are Tripod Ladders?

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1. Designed with 3 Legs

The name tripod basically means three. Tripod ladders are designed with 3 legs. It is designed with a centralized leg (tripod pole) that is mobile and very helpful when seeking stability of your ladder.

The good thing about this leg is its ability to penetrate into the hedges giving stability and a better position to work on your hedges too.

The beauty of tripod ladders is that the three legs make the top a very focal point with increased stability. This point is the most important especially when you are working.

 2. Versatile Tripod Ladders

If you are a gardener or a professional horticulturist, you would want something more elaborate and possibly customized to feature your needs.

There are different types of tripods based on size and shapes too. Other available options include telescopic tripod ladders that are easily portable and lightweight.

Alternatively, different tripods can either be made out of fiberglass or aluminum. This also creates a lot of difference in terms of the work they can do and also durability too.

3. Fiberglass And Aluminum Tripods

Tripod ladders made of fiberglass are heavy whereas those made of aluminum are lightweight. Fiberglass tripod ladders are also non-conductive and suitable for working on a hedge near electrical installations.

Whether fiberglass or aluminum, they are designed with equal capacity to work on outdoor jobs. They are resistant to rust and corrosion can survive when exposed to moisture and also heat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are tripod ladders safe?

The answer to this question is, yes, tripod ladders are safe. They are designed with 3 legs and a self-supporting mechanism and can stand on their own without any support.

The base is also flared to offer a stable footing and make the ladder more stable when in use. This feature makes it very useful when on uneven ground.

To enhance safety the tripod pole and the side rails are sharp and purposely designed for easy penetration into the ground creating more stability.


Now you have an idea of what tripod ladders are. During selection, take your time to understand the size your need and also carefully select the material according to your preference.

Instead of step ladders, get yourself a tripod ladder for all your hedges and garden-related jobs.

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