What Size Ladder to Get On Roof

If you are still wondering what size ladder to get on the roof, this is the right platform for you. This is because it’s a common challenge for most homeowners who want to fix the roofing, fix or clean gutters.

What Size Ladder to Get On Roof

You will definitely the best size ladder to get on the roof, to effectively repair your roof, clean your gutters among other tasks. Undersized ladders are risky to use and unstable. A fall and an injury are very likely as you stretch yourself to reach the target.

Knowing the ladder height is not enough as there are other additional factors that you need to consider before you can click that ‘add to chart’ button.

In this article, I shall discuss in lengthy what you need to know before settling for that ladder.

What Size Ladder to Get On Roof- The Best Guide

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1. Calculating The Right Ladder Size

If your house is a single-story, the approximate height is 15-18 ft. while for a 2 story building, the approximate height is 20-22 ft. high.

There are other underlying factors that you also help you to consider be more precise on the ladder to take. These points will guide you.

  • Positioning the ladder at the right angle offers you the utmost stability. At 75.5 degrees, the ladder is stable with fewer chances of slipping. Alternatively, you can use the pitching rule or 4:1 ratio rule where for every 4 ft. height, move the ladder base one foot away from the house.
  • Ladder height reduces with the inclining angle which translates to a reduced working height. Therefore, choose a ladder that extends above your roof.
  • Consider buying a ladder that is 5-6 ft. taller than the roof height so you can effectively work on your roof.
  • Leave an allowance of 3ft above the roofline where the ladder rests on the wall/support.
  • The top 4-steps are very unstable and going above them could lead to a fall. This step is mostly indicated in most ladders ‘do not go above this step’

2. Right Ladder Size for a Single Story Building 

If you are purposing to fix your gutters or work on the roof, the heights are different but you can opt for a standard ladder that will solve both heights.

The approximate height of gutters is 10.8 ft. or 3.3 m while that of the roof is 3.9 m or 12.8 ft. You can opt to either use an extension ladder or a step ladder.

3. 2 Best Ladder for a Single-Story Building

Using the above parameters, I have identified the best size ladders to get on the roof for your single-story building. You can either opt for a stepladder or an extension ladder as long as they meet the standard height of 15-18 ft.

1. Louisville Ladder 16′ Aluminum Extension Ladder

The Louisville extension ladder provides the best platform when you are working either on your roof or gutters.

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This ladder has a load capacity to hold a weight of 200 pounds. It is also ANSI certified as a Type III ladder.

In addition, it has non-slip feet and fixed rung locks to provide dependable and safe working. The spring locks help in the smooth operation of the ladder.

The steps are padded and O-shaped to make them slip-resistant at the same time secure and comfortable to use.

The ladder perfectly fits to work on your single-story building as it extends to a height of 16 ft.

Besides, it’s designed with aluminum to make it lightweight and easy to carry to your workstation.

  • It is lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Extends to 16 ft.
  • Has a weight capacity of 200 pounds


  • None found

2. Ohuhu 12.5 FT Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

You can use this versatile ladder for many projects within your home including fixing and cleaning gutters.

What Size Ladder to Get On Roof Check Price on Amazon

The ladder allows retraction with just a click of a button for convenience and reliability. The ladder retracts smoothly and safely without the fear of your fingers being pinched.

Alternatively, the ladder is designed with aluminum alloy to strengthen it and make it durable. This alloy also makes this ladder very light and on retraction, you can easily carry it with one hand.

It is sturdy and can support a load/weight of 330 pounds. It has best tested and approved by SGS and EN131 safety regulatory bodies.

Lastly, the ladder has intelligent locking pins that control involuntary retraction giving you an assurance of safety.

The ladder can help you to easily reach the gutters and roof with an extendable height of 12.5 ft.

  • It is lightweight
  • One button retraction
  • Very sturdy
  • It’s durable
  • Weight capacity of 330 pounds
  • Meets SGS and EN131 standards


  • breaks easily

4. 2 Best Size Ladder Two-Story Building

You need a ladder with a height of 20-22 ft. to be able to reach the roof of your 2-story building effectively. Below, I have compiled the best ladder to get on roof for your two-story building.

1. Louisville Step Ladder (FE3220) 20 Ft., Orange

This 20 ft. ladder is a great choice if you need to get to the roof of your 2-story building or even clean and repair their gutters.

What Size Ladder to Get On Roof Check Price on Amazon

It is made with fiberglass material that is non-conductive therefore safe if you are work near electrical installations or doing electrical jobs.

The steel safety shoes are fitted with a metal shield to enhance the ladder’s stability and safety.

The rungs are D-shaped to give you stable footing and reduce foot fatigue when you are working.

The mar-resistant end caps enhance the ladder’s landing ground making it more stable and your use it.

Its maximum weight support is 300 pounds with a type 1A rating. It has strong slide guides that combine with a stop to stop the ladder from extending beyond the set limit.

  • Non-conductive
  • Very durable
  • Load capacity of 300 pounds
  • 20 ft. maximum height
  • Sturdy and safe


  • Watch out for damaged deliveries

2. Little Giant Velocity Ladder-M22,(15422-001)

You can use this ladder either as an extension ladder, a staircase ladder, an A-frame ladder a trestle and plank ladder or a 90 degrees ladder.

What Size Ladder to Get On Roof Check Price on Amazon

It is made with high-grade aluminum that makes it 20 % lighter than other similar industrial ladders available.  Additionally, this material also makes this ladder very durable and long-lasting

The ladder adjusts very fast and this is enhanced by the dual-pin hinges and rocks locks designed that are easy to use.

Luckily, the ladder can also be configured to accommodate two users at the same time. It is a type IA ladder with the capacity to hold a weight of 300 pounds on both sides. Besides, it is ANSI and OSHA certified.

It also comes with tide and glide wheels that simplify the movement of the ladder from one point to another. The feet are wide and flared to keep the ladder sturdy and strong.

  • Its 20 % lighter
  • Meets ANSI and OSHA safety standards
  • Hold 300 pounds on both sides
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Maximum extendable height 22 ft.


  • None found

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set the right pitch?

The right pitch for any ladder is set at 75 degrees or using a 4:1 pitch ratio. This ratio formula can be interpreted to mean for every 4 ft. high, set the ladder 1 ft. apart from the wall consecutively.

Therefore for a single-story building, the pitch should average 1.2 meters while in a 2-story building should be at least 1.5 meters from the wall.


Whether a single-story or a 2-story building, I hope you have identified what size ladder to get on the roof.  As you work on the gutters and roofs, always exercise caution for your safety.

Apart from the best size ladder to get on roof, remember to identify the right pitch, inspect the ladder before use among other safety rules.

Good luck.

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